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Carbon/KDF Media (1 Star): Carbon is an important part of any filter and its ability to remove chlorine. Combined with KDF, the chlorine reduction is enhanced as the KDF converts the chlorine to chloride and the carbon polishes up any left over free chlorine. Systems that have only KDF fail to last as long or filter out as much as systems with dual media systems.
Published Test Data (1 Star): Having your system tested is half the battle. Published test data allows the customer to see what percentage of reduction they can expect during the life of the filter capacity and at the replacement interval recommended by the manufacturer. Without that test data, the chlorine removal could be as low as 50% at the recommended filter change or filter life, as the minimum number needed to pass testing is 50%.
Best Chlorine Reduction at Recommended Filter Change (1 Star): This is awarded to the shower filter that offers the highest documented average chlorine reduction for the recommended replacement time and gallons.
Easy Filter Change (1/2 Star): Changing your filter shouldn't require a plumber or removing the shower filter from the pipe. Shower filters that have easy filter changing earn this ½ star.
Water Saving Head (1/2 Star): Conserving water is an important step to helping protect our limited fresh water supply and is a money saving benefit to all customers. Shower filters that offer a filter head with low flows (2.0 GPM and lower) combined with the standard 2.5 GPM benefit the customer with the ability to choose their savings. The added benefit of low flow is longer contact with the filter and a greater reduction of chlorine.
Accessories Clip (1/2 Star): We all have shower accessories and we sometimes need a place to put them. Shower filters offering the ability to hang shower accessories offer convenience to the customer.
Shower Height (1/2 Star): None of us want to lose the height of our shower head, especially if you are a tall person. We looks for shower filters that don't reduce your shower height and keep or improve the height of your shower.


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